Executive (chair)
Location: (Hull, UK)

Case work

Ray was the External Evaluator for the School Leadership Comenius Regio project between Southwark (UK) Local Authority and Jarfalla (SE) Local Authority (www.fsl-regio.com 2013 -- 15).

He attended and contributed to conferences of the schools and the Universities involved in both the UK and Sweden, providing in depth guidance and advice to ensure the project successfully acheived its objectives, as well as reporting to the EU/ British Council funders and the project coordinators about the impact and quality of the work.

His support ensured all partners delivered their best work to the collaboration, with a constant eye on quality and consistency.

I manage the affairs of the UKGLAS charity including organising meetings and the annual conference. I am also a director of our not-for-profit trading arm - the Global Learning Association (www.globallearningassociation.org). In this capacity I manage the company's finances, search for and apply for contracts and, working with our executive members, manage our assessment work for the British Council.
Ray has a wealth of experience at school, Local Authority and University level where he has over 20 years experience of leading on international education collaboration and global education.

He was formerly the European and International Coordinator for Humberside Local Authority as well as Manager for the International Resource Centre for Schools and Colleges in Hull where his mission was:‘To support schools and colleges in the development of their international and global activities through the provision of services, information, training opportunities and projects’.

Currently, Ray is based at the University of Hull (Faculty of Education) working on a large scale EU project. He us also working as an independent Global Learning Consultant and as an Associate of the Global Learning Association.