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Case work

In 2014 Iain supported 22 primary schools in Gloucestershire establish international partnership with Kenyan schools. He provided advice to all the schools when they applied for Connecting Classrooms reciprocal visit grants and was pleased when they all achieved the grants.

He has since encouraged the schools to form a self-support group called the Gloucestershire Laikipia International School Partnerships (GLISP). In May and October 2015 he led groups of GLISP teachers on their reciprocal visits to Kenya and he has also helped the Kenyan teachers complete their visits to Gloucestershire. The success of this project has emphasised the need for schools to have reliable and accessible support, in order to help busy teachers with establishing international school partnerships. It has also highlighted the importance of schools having the opportunity to work together in clusters.

Having been engaged with global education whilst a secondary school teacher, Iain has left teaching and now supports schools with a variety of international school partnership projects.

Iain was a teacher and a senior manager in secondary education for 35 years, during which time he was engaged with a variety of international school partnership projects in Europe, Kenya, Japan and the UAE. His school, Dene Magna School, was one of the first to obtain the International School Award, when it became available in 1999. As a rural, mono-cultural school he understood the importance of expanding the cultural experiences of its students.

In 1999 he visited Kenya for the first time to establish an international school partnership. From this initial visit Iain established and has since led a six school cluster student exchange project that has allowed nearly 200 teachers and students to visit each other’s schools and work on global curriculum projects together.

He left teaching in 2012 in order to set up a business (World Class Citizens Ltd) supporting schools with global education and establishing international school partnerships. Iain joined the GLA and has completed British Council Connecting Classrooms projects for the GLA. He works mainly, but not exclusively, with primary schools and has a wide range of resources that he takes into schools to engage the pupils. He has supported schools establishing partnerships with Kenya, Rwanda and Japan and has recently led both teacher and student visits to Kenya and Okinawa.