Executive (Deputy Chair)
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Case work

In March 2013, Chris coordinated the delivery by the GLA of 2, one week study visits for groups recruited and funded by The British Council, Oman.

10 School Leaders from Oman participated on each visit, with the GLA providing a program of school visits and collaboration, expert input from the Institute of Education, School Assessment training, translation and interpretation and a cultural program -- as well as the arrangement of accommodation and transport.

It proved to be a rewarding experience for all of those who took part from both countries with excellent evaluation feedback collected.

Since spending a year as an exchange student at an Ohio secondary school in the United States, Chris has been an advocate of the life changing possibilities of international education experience and collaboration.

Chris worked for The British Council from 1999 to 2010, helping to deliver a range of education programs as diverse as the Fulbright US/ UK teacher exchange program and the Comenius Universities and Schools European Partnerships and In-service visits.

He managed the 2-Week Primary Teachers Project, devised for the Teacher Development Agency and Department of Children, Schools and Families to support the delivery of school languages at Key Stage 2.

Since 2010, he has continued to support teacher in-service training abroad, working every half term with training centres in Spain and France to deliver EU funded, language courses for teachers. Initially, he supported funding applicants and teacher participants from the boroughs of Southwark, Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich and Lewisham, where he led the South London Schools International Support Network. Lately, he has worked supporting International links and projects across the country, including in Southend, Essex.

He has contributed to the Coordination and/ or Evaluation of 5 large scale European projects in recent years as well as hosting visits for international groups to the UK and providing training at home and abroad.

Chris has been deputy Chair of the GLA since 2015.